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single source of truth


At the center of the Edatec universe is Leyla™, Edatec's comprehensive manufacturing component library. Leyla™ serves as the single source of truth for all manufacturing components, no matter who, what, where or when they were made — independent of brand, model, or industry — providing consistency and standardization of information across all levels of your organization.


Capture individual component characteristics in extensive detail . . . including critical information such as torque, temperature, weight, tariff code, or flow requirements . . . information typically only available via hard-to-locate manufacturer product manuals.


Create a unique Component ID (C-ID) for every piece of equipment - components can easily be queried and identified by their unique specific configuration.


Connect Leyla™ with eData to link each component in your factory to all its spare parts, tools, manuals, drawings, 3-D modules, maintenance installation "how-to" videos and more — a virtual, accessible-from-anywhere, comprehensive component knowledge base.

Leyla™ -- the New Gold Standard in Information

Defining the Gold Standard for data integrity, all information available in Leyla™ is carefully curated by Edatec for accuracy. And nothing's too big or too small for Leyla™ — Leyla™ can name, classify and record each and every component and sub-component on the planet via a proprietary universal taxonomy code and sophisticated rules engine . . . all the while dynamically connecting it to the information on your factory floor.

Real-Time Synchronization

Leyla™ is continually updated every 24 hours . . . in addition, when connected to eData, all data used by different team members and across project areas is automatically synchronized -- without tedious file transfers.

Easy Equipment Lists

Compiling an Equipment List has never been easier. Searching for a mixproof stainless valve that meets pharmaceutical standards in the US and Switzerland? Leyla™ gives you the most complete, accurate, and up to date component information available, independent of brand, model or industry.

Spare Parts & Maintenance Mastery

Don't know what part you need or how to install it during an emergency maintenance procedure and the manual is nowhere to be found? Leave it to Leyla™! She's got the know-how and can deliver it to you within seconds!

Share Tribal Knowledge

When paired with eData and other Edatec products, Leyla™ helps you share your institutional "tribal knowledge" across teams, factories, and even continents by tracking all of your proprietary information in a safe, secure, and easily retrievable manner.


eData Suite

eData Suite is a set of software tools designed to help organizations navigate complex processes by providing access to a simple, intuitive workflow and enterprise software solution.

Comprised of eData, eCAD+ and eData2Go, the Suite provides a framework for a dynamic, collaborative process to take place among multiple stakeholders — from engineering to procurement, to construction to start-up and validation, to operations, inventory and corrective and preventive maintenance.

eData achieves this by providing a global, holistic view of an organization's operations via the proprietary workflow, where information is developed and updated at each step along the way towards project completion . . . and accessible in the office or in the field via mobile app and verified by Leyla™ for accuracy.

Helping organizations streamline, prioritize and distribute decisions and information throughout an organization . . . connecting the right people, places, and things to create the conditions for achieving operational excellence — it's the eData Suite.


Information available at any time and any place on your iOS compatible device.


Unprecedented levels of real-time collaboration across an enterprise.


eCAD+ connects your CAD drawing to Leyla™, Edatec's globally maintained Equipment Library.


sublime workflow


Unprecedented levels of real-time collaboration across an enterprise

Job Site Database

Central storehouse for all information related to an organization's knowledge creation and management activities and is able to both capture and create a context for a diverse range of business activities, including: Equipment List(s), Inventories, Job Site Documents, Component Documents, Employee Lists and Reports

Equipment Lists

Correct and complete Equipment Lists are essential for effective project management -- eData ensures all equipment included in an Equipment List is based on actual equipment specifications so that application data can be properly assigned.


Easily access accurate, up-to-date information about your spare parts inventories and coordinate the planning of pre-construction activities by tagging, identifying and inventorying equipment from your desk or onsite with eData2Go mobile app.

Job Site Documentation

eData stores Plant Layout, Process and Instrumentation Diagrams and Assemblies and makes them accessible across an organization while also safeguarding the integrity of P&ID's by providing up-to-the minute version control. In addition, eData's archive feature allows you to create a virtual "project archive" to use as templates for future projects.

Component Documents

Via Leyla™, eData tracks warranty, manual, and wear-and-tear information for all components -- compiling and maintaining critical information in an accessible, user-friendly format with immediate availability -- no hunting down of paper manuals, manufacturer DVD or other collateral material required.

Employee Lists

eData empowers everyone in an organization by providing immediate access to the information they need to act. Companies can choose who accesses what documents and at what level with Employee Lists -- fully secure and customizable with unlimited users.


eData is able to generate reports relating to multiple key areas, including: Procurement: Ordering / Receiving / Storing / On-Site Distribution; Equipment: Sizing, Specification, Mechanical and Fabrication Drawings; Project Management: Construction, Start Up / Validation, Operations

an autocad integrative tool


eCAD+ delivers custom planning and design tools via an integrated AutoCAD 2013 system

eCAD+ connects AutoCAD 2013 with eData to develop dynamic Equipment Lists. With eCAD+, you can exchange data seamlessly from your Equipment List into an AutoCAD drawing -- keeping data synchronized and updated automatically. In addition, Edatec is capable of developing eCAD+ to connect other CAD systems to eData.
Easily source equipment and pair it with a unique tracking or "TAG" number -- eData is the only system available that connects a CAD drawing to Leyla™, Edatec's comprehensive Equipment Library and assigns it a unique tracking number.
eCAD+ helps you "plan smart" for future projects and maintenance -- all data such as drawings and Equipment Lists created via eCAD+ can be easily stored and archived for future use as project templates or for reference purposes when conducting maintenance or planning upgrades to existing facilities.

Information Always At Hand


eData2Go's mobile interface makes all the latest project information available at any time and any place on your iOS compatible device.

Multi-User Collaboration

Whether at the construction site or on the factory floor, or at company headquarters a continent away, all users can access the information they need, when and where they need it.

Ready When You Are

eData2Go's mobile interface makes all the latest project information available at any time and any place on your iOS compatible device.

Maintenance Made Easy

Access product installation manuals, repair guides and how-to videos via eData2Go -- a fully mobile "guide by the side" helping manage your maintenance needs quickly and easily

On-Site Inventory Management

With eData2Go, items arriving at a job site can easily be identified, scanned, and tagged --allowing inventory to be assigned to a location, project, person, person or work order immediately.

HELP with integration

eData Services

eData Services works with your organization to ensure that you are up and running and on your way to achieving operational excellence as quickly as possible.

Capture Legacy Data

Edatec helps you pass along "tribal knowledge" by working with you to capture information on all of your existing equipment and components and entering it into Leyla™ for quick and easy retrieval.

AutoCAD Training

Set your team up for success with customized training on eCAD+, eData's one-of-kind AutoCAD tool.