Operational Excellence

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Operational Excellence

Edatec is designed to cut through the complexity that keeps your company stuck in the status quo and connect you to actionable information.

Complex Questions Made Answerable

Employing a simple, easy-to-use workflow and enterprise solution — eData — working in tandem with Leyla™ — an unprecedented, comprehensive industry component library, Edatec is your guide-by-the side — cutting a clear trail through complexity and connecting you to the information you need to gain visibility and control over all phases of the manufacturing process so you can achieve operational excellence.

operational excellence

the goal to establish operational excellence

eData Services
Operational Excellence

The New Gold Standard

operational excellence

Edatec's Leyla™ and eData suite is the only fully integrated software solution that manages all areas of your food manufacturing operations from end-to-end – engineering and construction to procurement to start-up/validation and operations — while also facilitating connection and collaboration among multiple stakeholders from around the globe while maintaining data integrity.

Secure and Reliable Data Management

Putting your operations and your data in one place is serious business. Edatec ensures multilevel user authentication and employs user role filters and limitations for different access levels. Our platform is a secure cloud-based system, built to handle all of your data safely and securely.