About Edatec

Easy-to-use Data-Driven Accessible Transparent Efficient Consistent


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect our customers with the critical industry information and institutional tribal knowledge required to achieve operational excellence in an easy-to-use, data-driven, accessible, transparent, efficient and consistent manner.

Who We Are

Founded in 2009 by a veteran process engineer with extensive, hands-on industry knowledge, the Edatec team challenge themselves to plan, build and operate the most efficient, comprehensive, and easy-to-use data-driven software solution for the food manufacturing industry in the world.

Using creative approaches to reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies, the Edatec team creates the foundation for Edatec's ability to innovate, collaborate and achieve operational excellence while delivering unprecedented technological innovation.

What We Do

From engineering and planning, to procurement and construction, to start-up and validation and on-going maintenance, and all points in between, Edatec works for you to connect the whole lifecycle of building and maintaining a food manufacturing factory…connecting you to the accurate, up-to-date information you need today and to plan for where you need to be tomorrow to achieve operational excellence.

Edatec has been building and launching the core components of Leyla™ and eData since 2009 — iterating with a select pilot user group of internationally recognized food manufacturers. Edatec pilot companies have been featured on Food Processing's 40th annual Top 100© listing of U.S. and Canadian food and beverage processors and Forbes' 2015 "The World's Most Valuable Brands" list.

Where We Are

Edatec operates on a global scale, connecting across continents, time zones, and in multiple languages. We are where you are — serving clients in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

The Team

Our vision is to help the world achieve operational excellence.

Andreas Duerig

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Duerig brings 29 years of experience in the food industry and 18 years experience as a process engineer and project manager to the founding of Edatec.

Through Processtec, his engineering and consulting company, Andreas serves the food processing industry specializing in system designs. His clients includes world-renowned brands such as Nestle, Kraft Foods, Campbell's Soup and Unilever, among others.

Working with clients at food processing facilities located around the world, Andreas experienced first-hand the need for an integrated, comprehensive information system tailored to the food processing industry. In 2009, Andreas began the development of eData and Leyla™, Edatec's innovative database and software solution system.

A native of Switzerland, Andreas completed his education as a Master Cheesemaker prior to entering engineering school, where he specialized in dairy process systems.



Ken DeVries

Chief Software Engineer

Ken has over 25 years success in distributed and multi-threaded/n-tiered application development; requirement analysis/specification; product prototyping; architectural design/implementation; testing; system integration; release and support.

Working with Edatec since October 2009, Ken designed and delivered the initial iteration and core software for Edatec. Enabling users to commission a variety of complex components, each with a potentially unlimited number of configuration parameters, the UI includes a complex, Ajax-enabled interface where users search for components using a hierarchical, taxonomic relational methodology where components are divided into families. All queries are tuned to deliver the utmost in performance and yet allow users the flexibility to search by an unlimited number of configuration possibilities.

Carola F. Berger

Chief Data Architect

Carola F. Berger holds a Master's degree in engineering physics and a PhD in physics. After a successful research career in particle physics, Carola leveraged her scientific and engineering experience and language skills to found CFB Scientific Translations and Consulting in 2010.

Carola joined the Edatec team in the fall of 2010. Here, she solves questions such as how best to capture all available technical information about components in Leyla™, the Edatec library database, as well as how to automate the matching of specific spare parts to their components within specific configurations. Carola's role can best be described as helping companies achieve operational excellence by finding the pattern within the chaos and converting it into a form that can be captured and converted in the Edatec database into actionable information.

Karin Duerig

Director of Sales and Marketing & Chief Financial Officer

With over 10 years of experience in the field,Karin Duerig is responsible for global marketing activities for Edatec. Through her work with Viscotec, Karin works closely with clients to design custom solutions for pumping and mixing solutions and is well-versed in all aspects of the U.S. regulatory environment, having represented several European-branded components in the U.S. Market. Able to communicate in multiple languages, Karin is dedicated to working with clients to develop reliable, innovative application solutions that help you achieve operational excellence and enhance the functionality of your existing systems as well. Karin's practical experience in the sale of machinery and process solutions for the food industry, along with her excellent commercial and technical skills, make her particularly well-suited to advise clients about Edatec's innovative software. 

Adam Casuga

Data Integration & Deployment Analyst

Adam Casuga graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo as an aerospace engineer and is currently pursuing a masters in engineering with a mechanical engineering focus at California State University, Fresno. At Edatec, Adam specializes in 3D modeling using eCAD+, ensuring that all components are accurately represented and able to be accessed via Leyla™, with a focus on breaking down components into their constituent parts.